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Our goal

is simple, to make things that people care about. We were founded on this principle and we will always be commited to it. Canyosoft is a leading company providing and developing pioneering technology solutions. Using the best technological tools to keep up of current and future developments, with following global best practices. Canyosoft seeks to deliver technology solutions that exceed customer expectations through providing many kind of services: software development service, consulting service, and startup service.

Our company

builds software, performs on-going maintenance and can even take care of the servers that run your applications. We have long time experience with server and software virtualization, cloud management in the enterprise business. We work remotely for clients from around the world, often directly with business owners and managers. You can hire us for your project, whether it is for prototyping, a green fields development or to enhance or save an existing system.



Digital transformation / we help leaders rethink the way work is organized and managed. Automation is making it more and more possible for companies to do work without humans involved. Data-driven management supplements intuition and experience with data and experimentation. Resource fluidity matches tasks to the people who can best perform them.

Innovation management / we helps an organization grasp an opportunity and use it to create and introduce new ideas, processes, or products industriously. Creativity is the basis of innovation management; the end goal is a change in services or business process. Innovative ideas are the result of two consecutive steps, imitation and invention.

Virtualization / Cloud computing / planning, realization, management and support - with Citrix, VMware, AWS, Google and Microsoft products


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web / mobile / application development for the it, finance, oil/gas, car, health and travel industry in the following regions: Europe, US, Middle-East, Asia

Dedicated Teams / We bring together innovation, technology and talent to set up highly productive teams. We offer you a time-proven, individually adjusted cooperation strategy for a win-win result.

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